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Bodegas Piqueras

Bodegas Piqueras is a family company founded in 1915. With 200 hectares of its own vineyards and more than 3,000 barrels... READ MORE

Bodega Santa Cruz de Alpera

Bodegas Santa Cruz de Alpera was founded in 1947 by 25 winegrowers from the municipality of Alpera (Albacete), with the aim of defending the viability of their vineyards and winegrowing operations.... READ MORE

Bodegas Cano

The history of Bodegas Cano dates back to 1860 when Blas Cano founded the old winery of which we still conserve the facilities and machinery in Higueruela (Albacete)... READ MORE

Bodega Rodríguez de Vera

Finca Casalta is an extension of about 500 hectares of which 20 hectares are dedicated to vine cultivation. A total of up to 7 varieties of grapes are currently grown on the estate.... READ MORE

Bodega Hacienda El Espino

In the early 1990s, the Milán family managed to unify several small plots of land with great winemaking potential and, in 2002, undertook the construction of the Milán winery.... READ MORE

Bodega Tintoralba

Tintoralba has its origins in the Santa Quiteria Cooperative of Higueruela (Albacete), which was founded in 1957. We are a large entrepreneurial community made up of 225 members... READ MORE

Bodega Matamangos

Santa Rosa, an estate with a spectacular setting, presided over by an 18th century colonial-style mansion, and located between the towns of Almansa and Montealegre del Castillo... READ MORE