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Why was the
Almansa Wine Route born?

The region of Almansa has a wide and diverse offer in leisure, art and culture, sports, business, with excellent access infrastructures, mobility and professional services, in addition to a good quality-price ratio in the offer.

For several years now, the Almansa Designation of Origin, together with the Almansa Town Council and the Development Office of the Monte Ibérico-Corredor de Almansa region , have seen the creation of the Almansa Wine Route as more necessary than ever.

On July 6, 2022, in Almansa, this association is constituted with a total of 28 members initially. All of them represent the different gastronomic and tourist sectors of the region, with Adolfo Cano López as president of the new Almansa Wine Route.

The Almansa Wine Route will constitute a touristic approach around the geographical area of production of the Almansa D.O. and which covers several municipalities included in the same, so that tourists can travel through the destination from one component of the Route to another, enjoying the beauty of the landscape and the cultural and historical diversity of the integrated municipalities.

A unique production area

The production area has ideal conditions, similar characteristics and originated by environmental peculiarities, but always within a common identity that gives rise to unique, high quality wines known throughout the world.

Garnacha Tintorera is the dominant grape variety in the production area.

They have a late ripening, with climatological needs of hours of sunshine. Its location in the territory of the Almansa Denomination of Origin, makes its harvest in the summer months is powerful and favors its development, due to the large number of hours of sunshine available in the area.

Almansa Wine Route as a tourist reference in the region

The Wine Routes of Spain constitute an innovative tourist offer that fully fits in with the most dynamic trends in the tourism sector (transformation of the sun and beach model, increase in inland, cultural, nature and rural tourism, etc.).

Thus was born the Almansa Wine Route, with an enormous potential for development and which, at the same time, due to its nature and management system, responds to the principles of Sustainable and Competitive Tourism and to the objectives and priorities outlined in the Tourism Plan.




What activities will we promote from the Almansa Wine Route?

The purpose of the Route is to promote different activities, products and create experiences to boost tourism in the Almansa Denomination of Origin territory.

Through the different partners, different experiences will be created to publicize and promote the region, its gastronomy and its D.O. Almansa wines.