Are you going to book an experience? Take into account the On-call Winery!


Are you planning to book an experience soon? Here is the winery that will be available to visit during the weekend of your choice!

We solve your doubts about the on-call wine cellar

If you have seen the schedules for visiting the wineries, you will see that not all of them are available on weekends. Therefore, in order to have at least one weekend in which they are on duty, a winery will be on duty every weekend.

Just because there is a winery on duty on a weekend, doesn’t mean you can only visit that one.

For example: If “Winery X” has visiting hours on Saturdays, you will be able to visit it regardless of the fact that “Winery Z” is on duty.

In case you want to visit “Winery X” but it does not have visiting hours for the weekend, we invite you to make a reservation anyway.

The agency will always contact the winery of your choice to explain that there are X people interested in the visit and check their availability. In case it is not possible, the agency will offer you different options.