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Entre molinos de agua (Mínimum 10 people)

Enjoy a rural weekend at Casa Alfonso

  • – Rambla de los Molinos Route
  • – Bosque de Ribera Picnic
  • – Lodging at Casa Alfonso (2 nights)


The purpose of this route is to provide knowledge of our historical heritage of Almansa, explaining a traditional way of life where water was fundamental.

Giving visibility to these “small hydraulic infrastructures”, many of which have recently fallen into disuse but whose disappearance could jeopardize the landscape of the area as we know it today. Duration (3 hours approx.)

Picnic Bosque de Ribera Wine tasting with Iberian sausages from Casa Victoria

Rural Accommodation Casa Alfonso Almansa.
Alfonso is a cozy old farmhouse renovated and refurbished in a rustic style. Due to its large capacity, up to 32 seats, it is the ideal place for business meetings, family gatherings, meetings with friends, retreats, etc….

Located in a completely natural environment, surrounded by Mediterranean forest, 14 kilometers from Almansa. (Albacete). It is an ideal place to disconnect and enjoy an environment of great environmental value.


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