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Denominación de Origen Almansa

The Almansa D.O., founded in 1966, is the easternmost production area of Castilla-La Mancha, with an altitude ranging between 700 and 1100 meters above sea level. To date, with a total of 12 wineries in 8 municipalities in the province of Albacete, DO Almansa sold more than 6.6 million bottles in 2020, spread over the five continents, with a sales value of more than 12 million euros. Our production area has unique characteristics, grouping municipalities of 8 localities that favor the development of our vineyards and what will be the future wines of Denomination of Origin Almansa.

The quality of the grapes can vary greatly from one area to another, so it is essential to adapt the environmental justification of the municipalities that make up our Denomination of Origin on homogeneous environmental criteria: climate, soil or height above sea level.

The vast majority of the vineyards are located on flat terrain, although it is also possible to find some vineyards on the slopes of hills and mountains.